When, Why, and What Mattress to Buy

Most of us don’t think much about our beds much. We might think about the number of hours we lie there, but do we really stop and think about the quality of the sleep we’re getting? As we think about sleep quality, some names might come to mind. You might have heard of the Tempur Pedic mattress, a Stearns and Foster, or even the Sealy black mattress. But how do you know what and when you should buy?


Most experts say that if you’ve had a mattress for five years it’s is probably started to show its age. You should start watching it carefully for signs of excess wear. Not only that, but the mattress accumulates dander and dust through the years. This can start to wreak havoc on your allergies, which can in turn wreak havoc with your sleep. If you’re sleeping with a partner, you can also wreak havoc with their sleep. Five years is the time to start checking, and on average most people start to experience decreased quality of sleep at the nine or 10 year mark. If your Continue reading

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