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Donating Clothes to Red Cross

Textiles stands as one of the biggest industries in the world, since everyone needs clothes for everyday wear, formal wear, sleepwear, and uniforms of all kinds. In fact, textiles was one of the major industries of the Industrial Revolution itself, and that momentum has carried over to the ….

Why Everyone Should Donate Their Used Clothes

Giving back to the community that you live in as well as the world at large is important, and can be as simple and painless as taking the time to donate clothes to Red Cross or another similar organization. Donations can be anything from clothes you or your ….

Why Your Clothing Donation Helps the Disadvantaged

Charitable contributions, whether in the form of monetary donations, volunteering, or even physical goods such as clothes and food, is a staple of many communities, where nonprofits use time and money and physical goods to support disadvantaged populations. Although the motives for donating time or money to charity ….

Why Should I Donate To The Red Cross?

If you’re thinking of selling some of your old stuff in a garage sale, you might want to reconsider and think about giving your items to a charity. Your old items can really help change the lives of others by giving those who are less fortunate access to ….

Contact GreenDrop for a Red Cross Clothing Pickup

When your children grow out of their clothes and shoes, do you pack them up and put them in storage? What about your own gently-worn clothes and shoes? Extra household items? All those boxes of books? While you’re probably planning to label each one of those boxes with ….