10 Most Common AC Repairs

10 Most Common AC Repairs

This video enumerates the ten common problems that can occur with an AC unit. They’re all reasonably easy to fix by a professional who can diagnose and repair the problem quickly. The air conditioner is vital to your home as it keeps the temperature at the right level and ensures that everyone in your family is comfortable. However, air conditioners can break down, and you need ac repairs as fast as possible when this happens.

From their experience, professionals have noted common problems that regularly affect AC units.

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The top of the list is a bad capacitor. A dirty filter is a culprit here, causing your entire system to suffer from poor performance or even fail. Over time, dirt accumulates on the coils, which reduces their ability to transfer heat from inside your home to outside. If you notice that your unit doesn’t seem as efficient as usual, it might be time for a cleaning.

Most AC repairs involve broken belts, dirty coil, blower, blown fuse or tripped breaker, leaking ductwork, and loose connections. Condensation collects inside your outdoor unit when it’s on, so you need regular draining to prevent water damage to the AC unit and mold growth on its exterior walls or flooring.

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