Month: December 2016

Four Space-saving Tips for Furnishing a Condo

Are you looking for condo furnishing options? Living in a condo has a long list of benefits. You never have to mow the lawn. Your condo association probably keeps up with much or all of your maintenance. Your condo probably has amenities like a gym or swimming pool ….

When Buying Furniture, Do Your Homework First

Shopping for furniture can be an exciting and daunting project. Furniture is a major expense, and an investment in your future. At the same time, you need to consider many different factors: comfort, individual tastes, dimensions, how well it matches your other furniture and decor, etc. When buying ….

Are You Looking for a New Home?

New year. New home. Are you one of the lucky people who will be looking for a new home in the year 2017? If so, you are likely in the process of making decisions. Deciding on a realtor. Deciding on a house style. Deciding on a neighborhood. Deciding ….

Drinking WaterWhat You Never Knew

The definition of drinking water is simply water that is safe to drink. It is also water that is safe to use in the preparation of meals. Two thirds of the human body is water, and water is necessary for the healthy function of every bodily system. Statistics ….

Want To Save Money On Your Energy Bill This Winter?

How’s your roof doing? While carpet cleaning can happen on a yearly basis and everyday chores regularly take precedence, it’s likewise easy to neglect what hangs over your head — literally! Roof maintenance and siding are important components of your home and do everything from protect you from ….