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New year. New home.
Are you one of the lucky people who will be looking for a new home in the year 2017? If so, you are likely in the process of making decisions. Deciding on a realtor. Deciding on a house style. Deciding on a neighborhood. Deciding on a price limit. Deciding on a school district. Deciding on a home size. Deciding on a time frame. Deciding on the necessary features.
Fortunately, today most home buyers are able to use the internet in conjunction with a realtor to help make all of the decision making a little more manageable. Whether you are looking for a home in a classic community with schools and shopping close by, or you are looking at an acreage that sits outside of town, the decision to buy a new home can be a lot of fun, but it can also involve a lot of work.
Looking at New Homes in a Classic Community Provides Many Options
A new home community can be an exciting starting point for home buyers in all price ranges. When you make the decision to look at new homes, town homes, or condominiums in a brand new classic community you will likely benefit from new shopping areas, new school buildings, and other new features as well. Additionally, when you decide to move into a new home in a recently developed community you may find it easier to meet and get to know your neighbors. with everyone new to the area, these classic community neighborhoods often hold many social gatherings that allow neighbors a chance to meet each other.
A new home, however, also means making a lot of decisions. From deciding interior and exterior paint colors to selecting floor coverings, building a new home requires many meetings and follow up appointments with builders and designers after the initial purchase is made. And while a new home in a brand new community may be a desirable location to some, buyers need to realize that they may also need to deal with on going construction and lots that are often lacking trees and other kinds of established landscaping.
Many Existing Neighborhoods Provide Ideal Locations for Families with Children
Many families who are looking to move to a different home have a specific goal of keeping their children in the same schools. Limited by where they can look, these families can often have the most difficult searches. When they find a listing in the correct location, however, they often need to act quickly if they are interested.
Many realtors actually attempt to direct families to homes in neighborhoods that are already well established. These areas often come with the benefit of treed lots, no current construction, and city annexed services like garbage pickup and snow removal. Older homes that have been lived in before often come with home warranties that can also make new owners feel a little more secure in their decisions.
All Home Buyers Need to Explore a Variety of Resources When They Prepare to Buy a Home
A home search may begin with a referral from a friend or family member, but it is also a good idea to explore the resources that are available online, as well the assistance of local realtors. And while many buyers think that they can save a little money by purchasing a home that is for sale by owner, this is not always the case. Consider some of the national statistics about home buyers:

  • 32% of people looking for new homes are first time home buyers.
  • 78% of recent buyers indicated that their real estate agent was a very useful source of information source.
  • 82% of recent buyers indicated that online websites were a very useful source of information.
  • Research indicates that the average buyer typically searches for 10 weeks and looks at 10 homes.
  • 92% of people indicate that they use the internet when they are looking for a new home.
  • 14 miles is the median distance between the homes that recent buyers purchased and the homes that they moved from.
  • 59% of homeowners indicate that they wished would have better understood the terms and details of their current mortgage.

Are you ready to start your house search and begin looking for your new home?

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