Month: March 2018

3 Things to Think About Before Owning a Cane

As you get older, it’s important to do everything possible to improve mobility. One popular device that enables many seniors to remain mobile is the walking cane. Statistics show that 4.8 million individuals throughout the United States walk with some type of cane. This means that canes are ….

The Case For Urgent Care

Seeking medical treatment or knowing when to seek emergency care can be difficult for those in the United States without health insurance, as well as for those who are not able to schedule a doctor’s appointment during regular office hours, often due to work. In fact, many of ….

7 Reasons to Donate Used Clothing to Charity

Americans are generous people. When we can we like to give back to our communities and help other people. At least 70% of people around the United States make some kind of donation to charity every year. We give cash when we can, time when we have it ….