3 Creative Gift Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Unforgettable

Using fresh flowers as a way of celebrating, offering sympathy and showing someone you care about them has is far from being a new trend. In fact, historians have found evidence of humans arranging flower bouquets as far back as 2500 BC. In modern times, we spend a whopping $26.6 billion dollars on floral products and arrangements.

And as stunning as floral arrangements can be, there are times when we want to get a little more creative with our birthday, anniversary, holiday and get well ideas. If you feel stuck in a rut over what to get your friend, family member or loved one to show how much you care, take a look at these three creative options:

A vibrant fruit basket

Flower arrangements are beautiful to look at and smell — but wouldn’t it be more fun to enjoy a bouquet you could taste, too? That’s the idea behind fruit basket arrangements, which are fruit and chocolate that are cut into flower-like shapes and placed on the ends of sticks and arranged in a bouquet-like fashion. They’re just as colorful and beautiful as a bouquet of flowers — though they’re so delicious, they won’t stick around for quite as long.

A voucher for a relaxing spa day

This is an especially great idea for Mother’s Day, as well as birthdays, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Surprising your friend or loved one with a voucher to a local spa is one of the best ways to help them take a day off, put their feet up and enjoy some TLC. For many of us, that kind of relaxation is truly priceless.

A personalized care package

Whether you’re looking for unique get well ideas or you simply want to send someone in your life a care package, there’s no better surprise than a personalized shipment of his or her favorite goodies. If they’re sick, you can fill the package with cough drops, tea and other get-well goodies. Or if they’ve got a sweet tooth, some of their favorite candies will do the trick. The care package is a blank slate — there’s no limit to how creative you can get with it.

No matter what you choose to do for your birthdy, holiday or get well ideas, it’s always the thought that counts — especially if you surprise your friends and loved ones with one of these truly unique gifts.

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