3 Reasons To Enroll In A Private Middle School

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When it comes to choosing a middle school for your child, you might be a little torn. ON one hand, they are so young and not in need of college prep yet, so if you’re looking to put them into private high school or preparatory academy, then you could save your money by putting your child in a public middle school. However, choosing to put your child into a private or preparatory academy middle school allows for them to get on the fast track towards success in high school, college, and life school.

One amazing perk of going to private middle school or a preparatory academy middle school program is that your child can have more individual attention in the class that they might be struggling in. A study by the Fraser Institute in 2007 found that 91% of parents chose private school over public because of the dedication of teachers. Private schools generally have lower ratios of students to teachers, which means that instructors can learn your child’s individual needs. If a teacher knows your child might be struggling with a certain aspect of the math class they are in, they can help them more than if they were in a bigger class with more students. A teacher with a large class size simply cannot dedicate that much time to each student to learn their strengths and weaknesses. In fact, 86 percent of private schools have less than 300 students.

Another one of the many benefits of private school is that they tend to be safer. In a study done by the Fraser Institute in 2007, 72% of parents felt like their child’s private school was very safe. According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in the U.S. Department of Education, ?Twenty-eight percent of public school students reported being bullied at school, compared with 21 percent of private school students.? Private schools allow for more money to get put into security measures, counselors, and other staff members who can help make sure your child stays safe.

The last on the list of the benefits of private school education is that it allows for them to learn more skills and become a well-rounded individual. Whereas public schools have to follow certain state and federal curriculums, private schools do not. This means more money and time for programs that can help you child with time management, language skills, and the arts.

If you’re thinking of putting your child into a private preparatory academy middle school, you should consider looking at more of the benefits!

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