3 Reasons to Go to Urgent Care During This Cold and Flu Season

Updated: 2/3/2022

There are many times when urgent care is necessary for individuals. Moreover, urgent care can be needed for many reasons. Some examples of this include back pain, covid (which back pain can also be associated with, etc). Now, when it comes to urgent care, an important question to ask is as follows. “Where can I find CDC testing locations, with a covid rapid test, near me?”

Fortunately, these types of facilities can be found, by doing quick research. From there, the individual can learn about how to know when to go to urgent care. Primary care physicians have a strong focus on assessing emergency needs, pertaining to not covid. This includes the severity of one’s symptoms, whether one should be hospitalized, etc. These factors are assessed through corona testing equipment, as well as fast test results.

Moreover, sometimes, even if a person has no symptoms, they are still cautious that they may still have covid since they were around someone that had it. As such, a corona test kit is needed in this situation. This is especially true when it comes to work that involves a doctor and free emergency room assessments. Moreover, some questions can be answered, such as the following. What is a hospital for emergency near me? How can I assess, how to be seen quickly in the emergency room?

The best urgent care

Does a throbbing headache, itchy eyes, and shortness of breath have you feeling a bit under the weather this cold and flu season? Instead of trying to get an appointment with your primary care doctor or sitting for hours in a local emergency room, consider all the reasons to go to urgent care. Here are the top three reasons to go to urgent care for treatment during this cold and flu season:


One of the biggest differences between urgent care, primary care, and emergency medical care is convenience. Unlike your primary care physician, urgent care clinics don’t require appointments. In addition, they’re hours are far more convenient, with some clinics even staying open 24 hours. Furthermore, the wait time at an urgent care clinic is typically far less than the emergency room, which can last for several hours.


The greatest difference between emergency room and urgent care is cost, with treatment at an emergency room costing significantly more. A trip to the emergency room can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, especially for patients without health insurance. On the other hand, treatment at urgent care clinics is comparably more affordable, even for the uninsured. Without health insurance, a visit to an urgent care clinic will still cost much less than going to the emergency room.


Don’t be fooled! Just because urgent care clinics are affordable, doesn’t mean they don’t offer quality medical care. Urgent care clinics are staffed with experienced medical professionals, such as doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses that are able to treat many of the same conditions that emergency rooms do. In fact, many patients that seek emergency medical treatment at a hospital would have been better off with going to an urgent care clinic! Many urgent care clinics even offer imaging services and onsite laboratories for testing. Some even have in-house dispensaries that allow patients to leave with their prescription medication in hand.

Before you rush off to the emergency room for a cough this cold and flu season, visit your local urgent care!


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