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3 Reasons You Should Enroll Your Child In Private High School

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When it comes to choosing a high school, there is a lot to think about. While elementary school and the middle school provided your child with a great foundation in many different subject areas like science, math, and language arts, it is important to choose a high school that can really prepare them for college. College is much different from being in a school system, whether it is private or public. The competition to get admitted, as well as receive scholarships, is fierce and your child needs to be prepared.

Here are three reasons why you should consider putting your child into a private school during their high school years. While it might seem like a pretty hefty investment, it will all pay off when you see your child’s success.

1. Smaller classes are better for students

Private schools make up almost a quarter (24 percent) of all schools in the US. What’s even better is that the class size at each of these schools tends to be much lower than public school class sizes. In fact, 86 percent of private schools have fewer than 300 students, which means class size is incredibly low. In some public schools across the nation, total enrollment can be thousands, especially in large cities like New York and Miami. Private high schools tend to be, on average, at least half the size of public schools when it comes to total enrollment.

Smaller class sizes mean your child gets more individualized attention from teachers, who can really get to know your child and his or her weaknesses. With a smaller class size, teachers can focus on students that might be struggling in a subject area and help them, whereas, in public schools, there is simply not enough time or any way for teachers to fully get to know each student in their class. Therefore, your child could be at a disadvantage.

2. Your child will be more prepared for college

There are several benefits of private schools, and one of them is that it can help prepare your child for college better than a public school can. Private school teachers tend to have more advanced degrees than those of public schools, and some are qualified to teach at the college level and have an M.S. or PhD., whereas teaching in a public school only takes a teacher having a B.S. degree. If teachers are able to teach at the college level, that means they are more aware of what colleges want and can teach your students specific skills that will help them in college like time management and other technical skills in subject areas.

3. They create more well-rounded students

Since private schools do not have to follow the same state laws about what subjects to teach and what programs to offer, they have more room to include subject areas that public schools might not offer. This includes arts and humanities classes, as well as personal finance, health classes, and language classes. Colleges love to see well-rounded students, and these are the students who have a better chance fo getting admitted and granted scholarships.

Private schools are a great option for high school students because they can walk out with a great education and be truly prepared for college. It’s a bit more competitive and does cost more than a public school would, but in the end, it is worth it.

Di you go to a private school? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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