3 Recent Trends to Watch in College Admission

3 Recent Trends to Watch in College Admission

The college admission process can be hugely overwhelming for high school students and their families. With admission rates becoming more competitive than ever, it can feel impossible to secure a spot at your student’s top choice university. Paying attention to these recent trends can help you create an application that stands out and send them on their way to the education of their dreams.

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The first trend to keep in mind is a reduced focus on results from the SAT and ACT exams. Many top colleges and even some Ivy League schools are making these tests optional and some are not considering them as a factor at all. However, this doesn’t mean that they will not be considering your language and math skills. Instead, your GPA, the rigor of your transcript, and your academic interest will be of greater interest than before.

Another trend is a greater emphasis on passion projects in the Common Application. You can display what makes you unique in the form of PowerPoint presentations, websites, or portfolios.

Lastly, many schools are looking for applicants with intellectual curiosity. This can be added to your application by completing a research opportunity or an internship.

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