4 Tips for Choosing a Great Gaming Bean Bag Chair

In the United States, 155 million people are regularly playing video games. Nearly all households, four out of five, have a console for gaming, and even 10% of all adults will happily describe themselves as a gamer. If you’re one of Americas serious gamers, having the right gaming bean bag chairs to support your setup is important, especially given that the average gamer today is now 35 years old. Here’s how to get the best bean chairs for your needs:

What are Gaming Bean Bag Chairs?

First of all, what are we talking about? A bean bag chair is basically a fabric-covered seat filled with small beads that help it keep its shape. The type of beads matters, as some are more durable and environmentally friendly than others. The fabric comes in many designs, from corduroy bean bag to fuzzy bean bag chairs. They come in a range of sizes, too, from small child-sized to extra large bean bags.

Why Use Gaming Bean Bag Chairs?

The second thing to consider is why you’d use these chairs at all. One of the key needs of a gamer is a supportive seat, and good gaming bean bag chairs are naturally ergonomic. They also allow you to relax, are fun to use, can be easily moved around, and are less expensive than specially designed ergonomic gaming chairs. Not to mention that, unlike those chairs, they’ll also naturally adapt to your body shape.

Choosing Your Size Wisely

The first step in choosing among gaming bean bag chairs is to determine what size you need. Don’t go with the smallest thing you can get away with. Instead, look for something that is rated to hold your weight easily. Second, look for chairs that will let you sit at the right height relative to your console. There should be enough room on the sides to support your elbows.

Check Gaming Bean Bag Chairs For Durability

Make sure your chair comes with a warranty and that the cover is removable and washable. You’ll definitely find that comes in handy later! You’ll also want to make sure the chair is stuffed with the right thing. Polystyrene beads make them very light, but they also break down and have to be replaced. Polyurethane foam is much better. It’s soft and never breaks down. It does make the chair a bit heavier, but not so much so that it cannot be moved. Also, make sure you’re getting an eco-friendly foam rated safe for use in homes.

The right gaming bean bag chairs make the whole gaming experience a lot of fun. There’s also nothing like a cute bean bag chair to add interest to your space and reflect your personality. Whether you want a chair just for you, or a giant beanbag for you and friend to battle your games out on together, quality gaming bean bag chairs are the best choice for economics, durability, comfort, and function.

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