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5 Signs It’s Time for a New Door Installation

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Many of us don’t consider the doors in our homes very often. Yet, they play an essential role in our everyday lives. Doors provide the ability to create privacy when necessary and walkways when convenient. So, if doors are so important, it also makes sense that they should be properly maintained. When the doors in your home begin to show signs of age, however, it may be time to replace them with a new door installation.

When considering if you should replace your door, it’s important to understand that an average front door replacement provides nearly a 100% return on investment! This means that homeowners looking to sell their house in the coming years should consider this option. And f you’re unsure what signs you should look for, check out this guide explaining the top indicators that it’s time for a new door installation.

5 Signs You Need New Door Installation

1. Cracks and Splinters

When you begin to notice considerable damage to your door, it’s likely time to replace it. Whether it’s your favorite patio door that was damaged in a storm or an interior door that hasn’t suffered any destructive event, physical damage can indicate that the door no longer functions properly. For instance, if your patio door no longer seals correctly, then it’s time to consult with a contractor for a patio door replacement.

2. You Feel a Draft

If you’re electricity bill starts to increase or your home feels colder throughout the days and nights, then you likely have a draft coming in through your door. This is often caused by damaged, worn, or simply old seals that sag and can’t completely seal the door. As a result, air from outside can easily enter your home, while air from inside your home can easily escape. This leads to your air conditioner working harder in the summer months and your heater working harder in the winter.

3. The Door Creaks

Another sign that your door is not sealing properly and needs to be replaced is that it creaks and squeals every time it is opened and closed. These noisy hinge problems can often be fixed with some small repair jobs or by simply greasing the hinges. However, these methods will only go so far as your door suffers more wear and tear throughout the years. If you have tried small repairs and greasing your hinges, but your door still makes a lot of noise, then it is likely time to be replaced.

4. You Simply Want a New Door

Eventually the time is likely to come that your tastes will change and you’ll want a new door. For example, if your elegant wood front door no longer fits the decor in your house, then you may want to get an entry door replacement and purchase a fiberglass or steel door, instead. Plus, as trends change, this can help you keep your home attractive to new buyers when you decide to sell, allowing you to maintain your home’s value.


Finally, a major indicator that it’s time for new door installation occurs when you notice any warping or sagging to your door. Because the shape will have changed, it no longer fits in the frame properly. As a result, your door isn’t sealing your home from the outside or your room from others, which means that it’s not completing its job and should be replaced.

When it comes to properly maintaining the life and value of your home, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind. From the doors and windows to the siding and roofing, your home’s outward appearance and inward functionality play important roles when you decide to sell. When you sell your home, for example, window replacement can lead to three quarters of return on investment, while vinyl siding can even return more than 80% on the investment. As you can see, making these important decisions and being proactive with your home’s care can hugely impact your experience when you go to sell.

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