7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Lake Home

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If you are looking for a change of pace in your life, then you have come to the right place. City life is so busy. The hustle bustle can get you down and you can really lose perspective of what’s truly important. But sitting together with the family on the front porch of your lake property will bring it all flooding back.
Yes, lake property. If you are looking into buying a home then you need to think about the daytime activities and fun on the water and the tranquil nights, listening to the lapping of the ripples on the lake.
One of the great things lake property is that homes are usually of higher value than others. Even when the realtor.org/infographics/2015-generational-trends-report-generation-x” Title=”More information regarding Homes for sale in bluffton sc”>real estate market drops, lake homes can keep their value for the most part.
Here are some things to think about when looking into purchasing lake property:

  1. Current Status
    The current state of the home is important. The salt in the air and moisture can tend to cause higher wear and tear on lake property than other homes. Weather is also a factor in the state of the home. You’ll want a home that has been kept in good condition with regular maintenance kept up on. Hiring a knowledgeable inspector who specializes in waterfront homes may be a good idea because they will know exactly what to look for.

  2. The Actual Lake
    It would not be a pleasant surprise to move in to your fancy new lake property, only to find out that the lake is contaminated in some way. Find out all you can about the lake before moving in on it. Lakes can be very different from one another so decide what you want out of a lake and then make sure the one you are looking in to matches your desires. This includes finding out what activities are available and allowed on the lake.

  3. Type of Residence
    If you are purchasing it as a vacation home it may have different requirements than if it was going to be your primary residence. While weather patterns won’t matter as much to you if you are going to buy it as a vacation home, you will need to set up a year round maintenance schedule to ensure the property is still properly kept when you are not there.

  4. Modern Conveniences
    This may seem trivial, but if there is not a grocery store or gas station near you then it will get frustrating after awhile, especially if you are planning to live at the location all year. Consider how easy or difficult it is to get to major routes and how close the next main town is. If you entertain or have guests often you will want somewhere that is easier to find and get to so that your guests do not get lost.

  5. Lake Convenience
    Consider how easy it is to get to the lake. Don’t take for granted that just because the home you are looking into is located on the lake that access to the lake will be simple. Some pieces of land are too steep to get down to the water. You don’t want to have to climb down and up all the time. If you have children, you definitely don’t want a drop off.

  6. Privacy Factors
    If you want a lot of privacy then you will want a home that is set further back from the lake. The closer you are to the water the easier it will be for people on the boat to see into your home. Homes right on the water are usually a little less expensive but if the privacy is worth it to you then there are lots available that are set further away from the waters edge.

  7. Check the View
    Everyone likes something different in their view so make sure the view from your home fits with your dream ideas. If the view is not that important to you, you may be able to save a little money there and purchase lake property that has one of the less impressive views, although I’m sure it will still be exquisite. A good view ups the value of the home making it a little more expensive.

Whatever happens, may you find your dream house!

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