A Garnish On Your Interior Design What A Simple Lamp Or Rug Can Do To Bring Your Living Room Together

A Garnish On Your Interior Design  What A Simple Lamp Or Rug Can Do To Bring Your Living Room Together

What makes furniture stand out to you? This is an important question to ask yourself going forward in 2019. Home is where the heart is, after all, and it’s more than likely you’ve got a few renovations that need doing.

Could it be your arts and crafts style furniture that could use a touch-up? What about that old computer desk that isn’t tall enough for you? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, as the saying goes…and your proverbial treasure trove could be right around the corner. Our interior design leaves a huge impact on our psychology, for better and for worse. Renovating your home is not just a way to live more comfortably, but to embrace what makes you an individual.

From Mission style office furniture with personality to a shiny dining table, there’s a lot you can do in a short amount of time. Narrow things down with some of today’s most popular furniture additions.

A Beautiful Sofa Brings The Whole Living Room Together

What’s the first thing you usually notice when visiting other people’s homes? The sofa often pops out instantly when you enter a living room, both for its size and the fond memories it creates. A recent survey found a little over 60% of participants stating they would design their living room around the sofa. It’s recommended you find a sofa that’s both large and flexible, up to and including removable cushions. This can give you some wiggle room when changing up your set-up (that of which should happen every five to 10 years).

Better Lighting Can Enhance Your Room’s Colors And Shapes

Sometimes it’s not the Mission style office furniture that isn’t adequate, but a lack of decent lighting. Dim, dry, colorless lighting can leave even the best designed rooms feeling like something’s missing. Lighting comes in several varieties for your convenience — you have functional lighting which focuses more on sheer brightness and accent lighting for adding a little extra to guide the eyes. Light strings are a wonderful addition not just inside the house, either, but on the porch or patio. Give better lighting a try and see how you can, quite literally, change how you look at things.

Dressers Are A Stylish, Flexible Way To Add More Room

Are you constantly trying to find more room in your closet? A new dresser will be able to address a few of your problems here. Instead of fussing with all your clothes or documents, invest in a bedroom dresser that can sit comfortably against the wall. A beautiful dresser can also hold atop it various accessories like lamps, bowls of fake fruit, vases, portraits, and small statues. A Houzz survey found nearly 50% of homeowners actively planning on decorating their homes throughout 2018.

Sometimes All You Need Is Another Lamp

You don’t have to go above and beyond when redesigning your home. You can just look into the gaps and figure out what’s missing. Sometimes adding a lamp to your desk can go a long way to complete the whole set-up. A new end table might be the extra sprinkle of style in your bedroom you’ve been craving. Your average queen size bed offers each occupant around 30 inches of sleeping space, while a king size bed has nearly 40 inches to spare…slowly, but surely, you’ll figure things out.

Mission Rugs Can Add A Pop Of Color And Texture

When your furniture is good to go and you don’t have any renovations to get done, a simple rug or two can really add some visual flavor to any humdrum space. Your rug’s edges should be between 12 to 14 inches from the room’s perimeter to make it ‘fit’. Old-fashioned rugs can come in circular, oval, or rectangle shapes — it’s recommend you choose matching shapes to start with so you’re not scrambling to fit everything together like a puzzle piece. Picking your way through Mission style office furniture takes time. Good design takes time.

It’s time, however, very well spent. What could some Mission style office furniture do to make your home feel more beautiful?

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