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Are You Allergic to Your Mattress? Why Pet Dander and Dust Mites Might be Ruining Your Health

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The verdict is in: Americans need more sleep. Recent studies show that close to half of all American adults are not getting enough sleep; the culprit could be that tablet or smart phone. Playing games or watching videos before bed could actually be keeping us awake, experts say. Historical studies show that in the middle of last century, the vast majority of American adults slept for seven to nine hours every night. Since the advent of portable electronic devices, however, the percentage of adults who get enough sleep has declined dramatically.

About four out of every ten adults reports sleeping less than seven hours a night. Surprisingly, picking the right mattress could help restless sleepers get comfortable. Some people, however, are so accustomed to sleeping in aging, lumpy mattresses that they may not realize how much a new mattress could alleviate their neck and back pain. Picking the right mattress could be the perfect start to pain-free nights; once customers realize what to look for in a mattress, they may want to consult with local retailers.

Mattresses can vary drastically in their levels of firmness, so many customers prefer to buy new beds in person rather than online. Wondering when to get a new mattress? Typically, retailers offer discounts around major holidays, but savvy shoppers may notice that floor models — beds that have been on display in retail mattress stores — are available at much lower prices year-round. Some people wonder when to get a new mattress, but if they are in pain then the purchase should be a top priority.

Some adults may realize that their pillows and mattresses are attracting allergens: reports of mattresses containing millions of dust mites are not urban legends, experts report. Pillows should be replaced at least twice a year and laundered on a regular basis. If adults and teens are finding that they have skin problems like acne, they may want to replace their pillows and launder bedding more regularly. Even mattresses made from organic materials could be attractive landing spots for dust mites and pet dander.

When to get a new mattress
? Most bedding experts advise that spring mattresses tend to lose their bounce after about seven years of regular use; mattresses in guest bedrooms may not show as much wear, but regular pillow replacement is still advised if there are pets in the home. There has been an ongoing discussion in the mattress industry about memory foam vs spring mattress options, with customers preferring both types of mattresses in equal numbers.

Finding comfortable sleeping options could be as simple as testing mattresses in a retail environment, but people who suffer from allergies may need to make a custom order through their local bedding retailers. Taking the time to research and invest in a new mattress may be the only step required to minimize back and neck pain, and to get a good night’s sleep. For health reasons, replacing mattresses every seven to nine years could be as important as turning off tablets and smart phones about an hour before getting a good night’s sleep.

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