Are You Trying to Pack in One More Weekend Get Away This Summer?

The moment you walked into the lobby of the hotel, you knew that this long weekend trip was a good decision. Your kids were immediately enamored with the antler chandeliers hanging from ceiling and your husband said that this lodge style decor would look great in your home. You were just glad that you had convinced your entire family that a stay in a place where there

This is the time of the year when some parents are glad that the school year is getting ready to start again and when other parents are dreading the end of the days of freedom. No matter which end of the specrum you are on, it is important to take advantages of the last of these DOG DAYS OF SUMMER

  • Deciding to take the kids for a week long vacation to the mountains is a great way to celebrate the end of another great summer.
  • One long weekend at the beach can help you relax and be ready for when you have to head back into the office on Monday.
  • Going on long family bike rides around the neighborhood lake allows you to demonstrate healthy habits while bonding with your children.

  • Dessert bars that allow you to create your own special treat are one of the highlights of many of the best cruise ships, a great family vacation option for families who really want to get away from all of the stresses of everyday life.
  • A long car ride across the country to see the nation’s top landmarks are the kind of family vacations that create lasting memories. From fights about who gets the best seat in the car to the thrills of climbing to the highest mountain in the area, these are the times your children will remember forever.
  • You need to make the most of these days when your children are still at home. Once they leave for college their days at your house will soon come to an end and you may find yourself wishing that you would have make the most of the days when they were home for the summer.
  • Saling, kayaking, scub diving, and many other recreational water sports are some of the ways you can spend your time during a vacation at the beach.

  • Online hotel offers often provide the perfect motivation for an impromptu vacation. Staying in a nice hotel with a great swimming pool and delicious room service allows the family to enjoy their time together.
  • Full service spas provide a great mother daughter bonding activity as the girls get ready to head back to school.

  • Sunshine, tubing, and a group of great friends and family on a local river can help you find the best way to enjoy the last few days before everyone gets back in the routine of the school year.
  • Until your kids have spend a night sleeping in twin size bunk beds with a skylight looking into a starry sky, your summer is not complete.
  • Making time to sit on a set of adirondack style chairs and watch the humming birds is a perfect way to spend a morning, encouraging your children to look away from their screens.
  • Memories are made when you take your family to a lodge in the mountains decorated with antler chandeliers and Native American style decor, instead of your typical hotel choice.
  • Estimates indicate that Boomers are likely to spend the most on redecoration, with a budget of $3,000, followed by budgets of $2,500 for Generation X and $1,500 for millennials. The real question, however, should be whether or not these parents and grandparents are willing to make an investment of both time and money on their children and grandchildren.
  • Rustic furnishings, including antler chandeliers and barnwood nightstands, help create a space that can get your family in the mood for mornings on the hiking rail and afternoons on the lake.

Antler chandeliers, starry nights, and roasted marshmallows around a campfire are the things that great summers are made of. Moose antler furniture may never find a place in your home, but it will likely be a great memory for your children long after this summer is over.

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