Arts and Crafts Organized At the Home With Furniture

The average American household today has over 300,000 items in it, ranging from silverware to furniture to kids’ toys to hobby items, and this can be quite a lot. And in many cases, a home actually has more items than the people living there really need. A person doesn’t have to be an actual hoarder for their house to have some excess stuff in there, so today, homeowners are encouraged to re-assess all their possessions and decide what they really need, and what really makes them happy. This can be done for clothing, hobby items, kids’ toys, even whole pieces of furniture. And on the topic of furniture, items such as a storage cube organizer or a 12 cube organizer can help a person keep all their possessions, well, organized. Furniture like a storage cube organizer, or a shelf unit, or drawers can go a long way toward preventing clutter and making sure that nothing is lost. In fact, many people today are getting necessary stress because of the mess in their houses or apartments. Furniture such as a storage cube organizer, an arts and crafts storage cabinet, closet organization items, and more can be used to make a home neater.

Dealing With the Clutter

Before a homeowner buys and starts using a new storage cube organizer or similar items, he or she should first trim down their inventory to what they really want and need, and donate, recycle, or throw away the rest. Clearing away clutter can open up more room in the home, and it can also lower stress levels and avoid wasting time. In fact, the National Soap and Detergent Association has reported that clearing out clutter in one’s house can eliminate as much as 40% of the housework in the average home, and the Association also said that 80% of household clutter results from a lack of organization, rather than a lack of actual space. If a homeowner takes the steps to remove unwanted things and organize and sort the rest, he or she may be surprised by how much spare room they have left over.

Clothing is a major consideration here. Many people have a lot more clothes than they actually wear, so they can give away their spare clothes to charity. A family can gather up all clothing and accessories in the home into a huge pile to create a comprehensive inventory, then start carefully choosing what they really want to keep. Unwanted clothes may be worn out, the wrong size, or out of fashion, and they can all be given away. The leftover clothes and shoes may easily fit into dressers, hangers, or a shoe cube organizer, for example.

Kids can also work with their parents to determine which of their toys they do not want anymore, and often, kids have more toys than they use during the day. Here too, unwanted items can be designated for charity, and kids of needy families would love to get these leftover toys. Meanwhile, other, more mundane items such as plates, silverware, pots and pans, and even furniture can all be assessed for need and given away if they are excess clutter. After all this work, there will be more room. And a need to organize what’s left over, too.


Often, items left over will be sorted and organized by room or function. Kids’ toys can be put away in toy chests and shelf units, while an adult can do something fairly similar for hobby items. Many adults today, young and old, have hobbies at home that require a lot of materials, and some people even make their livelihood this way. Arts and crafts are common among adults today, but everything should be sorted. A person can dedicate a room in the house to their craft, and buy a storage cube organizer or two, along with shelf or drawer units to keep all their materials tidy. This may include painting or sculpting materials, or even quilting or building scale models for display. Online stores such as Etsy are available for these people to showcase their wares and sell them to interested customers. Proper storage and organization prevents a tragic loss of materials.

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