Assisted Living Homes Can Actually Increase Sense of Independence

Assisted living

Many seniors may be hesitant to move out of their home into an assisted living facility. They may be afraid that they are giving up their independence and that moving into assisted living apartments is admitting that they are old. They may also be worried about their privacy and their level of care that they will receive. Alzheimer care homes come in a variety of assistance levels and are all different. Different homes cater to different seniors and their specialized needs and preferences. The one thing that all Alzheimer care homes share is that they provide a safe and assistive home for seniors to feel comfortable in.

Alzheimer?s disease is the only top 10 cause of death in the U.S. that cannot be prevented, slowed or cured. It involved many different stages and as the disease progresses, it can be difficult to remember things. This is often when additional assistance is needed. Because of the different levels of Alzheimer?s that is possible, Alzheimer care homes are also offered at different levels. One home may include full assistance and 24 hour support, while another simply provides the seniors with 24 hour security in the event of an emergency.

Dementia long term care facilities also provide seniors with activities for Alzheimer residents. These activities can help shape the brain and work on the memory parts. It can slow down the memory loss part of Alzheimer?s and assist seniors with things such as word recognition and name recognition. There are also studies that show that simply being surrounded with those struggling with similar problems can also be beneficial. A senior who is surrounded by others with Alzheimer?s can feel less alone and can also learn tips and strategies for dealing with the disease.

According to the 2009 Independent Living Report by the ProMatura Group, LLC, research shows that when you become part of an independent living retirement community, you are more likely to make new friends and to try new things and most report a better experience than they ever expected. The many activities and social outing activities that are offered to Alzheimer?s care homes residents can improve quality of life and a senior?s social circle, thus also increasing their mood and their independence.

Most seniors actually initially move into a senior living facility to prevent being a burden to their families. In a study by Genworth Financial, more than half of all respondents (55%) reported that their greatest fear regarding long term care illness or event was being a burden to their family. In fact, they reported being 5 times more concerned about being a burden than about dying. However, most seniors have then expressed satisfaction with their assisted living facility.

Alzheimer?s is a disease that affects many seniors every year. There is no cure and there is no way to slow it down. When a senior has progressed too far along, oftentimes assisted living homes are needed. This can feel like the senior is giving up their independence and their privacy, but most seniors have expressed satisfaction with their choice to move to an assisted living home. Most express that it is greater than they could have ever thought. Assisted living homes provide safety and qualifications, while also allowing the seniors to hold onto their independence and their sense of privacy.

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