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Best Ways to Clean Headstones

Best Ways to Clean Headstones

Headstones don’t have to look worn and dirty. Flat headstones can sometimes develop a weathered appearance, but it’s possible to maintain them. It’s essential to avoid using oil-based cleaning products of any kind when these headstones are made from granite.

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Since granite materials are permeable and porous, using these chemicals will just create stains.

The flat headstones don’t necessarily need to be polished to look tidy and new. These pieces will eventually get covered with hard water and debris. Removing those contaminants will suffice.

You actually only need half a dozen cleaning tools and supplies. Supplies include latex gloves, a scrubbing brush, cleaning chemicals, dish soap, rinsing water, and a simple towel. Some people might use microfiber towels, but anything that will absorb the liquid might work well.

Larger pieces of debris have to be taken away before the headstones can get the polished look that people will want. You can usually remove all of that manually. When you are handling the scrubbing brush, you should try to move it around in circular directions, as well as back and forth across the headstone. You will be able to loosen the dirt and grime much more easily that way, clearing the headstone.

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