Buying A New Home In Florida

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Ahh, Florida. Beaches, pine flatwoods, beautiful stretches of open driving? and sunshine; an average 248 days of it per year! And there are still areas that remain uncrowded, natural and open to new growth. For example, Land O’ Lakes, Florida. As of 2015, there?s a perfectly cozy population of just 31,996 people. It?s near Conner Preserve, a protected natural area in central Pasco County, and it has been preserved for water management since 2003. The landscape is gorgeous, with steep sandhill ridges, undulating marshes, cypress sloughs, and thriving wildlife. There are bike trails and camping amenities there as well. What a wonderful place to live, and the economy in this area invites the investment of buying a new home or working with a home builder to design your own.

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