Buying A New Home In Florida

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Ahh, Florida. Beaches, pine flatwoods, beautiful stretches of open driving? and sunshine; an average 248 days of it per year! And there are still areas that remain uncrowded, natural and open to new growth. For example, Land O’ Lakes, Florida. As of 2015, there?s a perfectly cozy population of just 31,996 people. It?s near Conner Preserve, a protected natural area in central Pasco County, and it has been preserved for water management since 2003. The landscape is gorgeous, with steep sandhill ridges, undulating marshes, cypress sloughs, and thriving wildlife. There are bike trails and camping amenities there as well. What a wonderful place to live, and the economy in this area invites the investment of buying a new home or working with a home builder to design your own.

Beside the natural attraction of Land O? Lakes, the state of Florida makes buying a new home easy. It is one of only seven states that don’t collect an individual state income tax, so for someone in a high income tax bracket, moving to Florida from a state like New York can save thousands of dollars in taxes, or more. Not only that, but you can get a tax exemption if you buy a home in Florida, and declare it as your primary residence. With savings like that you can consider modern home design and a self-sustaining community, and invest in a truly worthwhile property. Choosing a home builder is your biggest decision.

Choosing a home builder takes time and thoughtful research. There are benefits of master planned communities, where the builder?s reputation is literally being constructed on the site. Working with a home builder should be a positive experience, in which you know your dreams are taken seriously, and your modern home plans are being brought to life as you envision them. In a place like Land O? Lakes, or in the Pasco County area in general, you want to consider the natural beauty and suburban peacefulness and reflect them in your design.

What to look for in a planned community depends on your lifestyle, and that?s something to look into. What aspects of lifestyle does that community support? What activities can you do there? Golf, hiking, tennis, swimming, academic lectures, cafes; some or all of these might be part of the community. How close is it to the services you need? Also, talk to the residents already living there, and get a sense of the atmosphere. Do people seem happy?

Once you?re sure about making the move, and have decided on whether or not to join a master planned community, choosing a home builder is next. Some things you should consider in what to look for in a home builder are whether or not they are approved by the local home builders? association and other organizations that oversee business practices. Also, keep an eye on the local newspaper?s real estate section for projects in the area. This can help you see which home builders are active and which new properties are being developed. Some developments don?t allow the option of choosing a home builder and some do. This will be important to find out ahead of time.

Overall, building a new home in a beautiful place is not impossible. Florida offers many little-known treasures, communities that are thriving and waiting to welcome new homeowners. Choosing a neighborhood and a home are all that?s left to do!

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