Choosing the Best Window Shades

Choosing the Best Window Shades

Window shades are an important functional and decorative asset in your home. They can totally transform not only the look of your windows themselves but of the entire room in which they’re placed. They are great for privacy and protective purposes, as well as for light-blocking purposes.

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This is especially helpful if the room you’re placing them in will be used for sleeping or napping.

The type of shades you get will depend on your personal taste and style. What is the vibe of the room? Is it cozy and homey? Or is it more modern and industrial? Is the room decor more contemporary or do you like classic, old-fashioned style accessories? You need to ask yourself these questions when choosing window shades.

You will also have to determine what function the shades will serve. Will they be used to block out light? If so, you will need heavy-duty, durable shades. Or maybe they are just for decorative purposes. In that case, you won’t have to concern yourself so much with the durability and weight of the shades.

This video gives you some ideas for window shades if you need a starting point.

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