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Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney

Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney

During the divorce process, finding the right family law attorney can seem like an impossible task. Knowing the right questions to ask can simplify the process and get you the right representation for you and your family.

Start by asking if the firm practices family law exclusively. Finding a firm that specializes in these types of cases can give you a leg up during the proceedings, as they will have the experience needed to overcome any hurdle that may arise during the process.

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They may also be accustomed to working in the local courtroom and with the local judge.

Next, ask how long they have been practicing law. The longer they have been working with family law, the better prepared they will be to answer any questions, as well as face any challenge the case may throw at them.

From here, try to find out the price. Ask if they have a retainer, what their hourly rate is, and what they will expect after the case is won. Knowing this will allow you to prepare for these costs. If the price is too high, it may be best to find a more manageable representation.

For additional information on choosing the right family law attorney, please review the attached video.


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