Common Reasons for Roof Repair

Common Reasons for Roof Repair

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Leaks are the most common cause of roof repair. There are various reasons that you may find a leak in your roof. This video explains a few of the most common causes of roof leaks.

The most obvious reason for a leak is that there is a hole in your roof. Wear and tear can cause a degradation of your materials and lead to nail busting which pokes holes in the shingles. Small animals and insects can burrow their way inside, too. Branches and other debris from trees can cause impact damage that leads to punctures.

Your plumbing vent pipes reach all the way from underground, up through the walls of your home, and poke out of the roof. The collars around the pipe are sealed to protect them from leaks, but they are still the most vulnerable point. The collars wear out quickly from harsh UV rays.

Step flashing is installed along the edges of your roof and between valleys and peaks. It diverts water away from your roof, but can be overlooked in maintenance checks or replacements. Make sure your roofing contractors keep you up to date on the state of your step flashing to prevent leaks.

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