Dance Floors, Tents, Tables, and Chairs Are All a Part of Many Wedding Planning Efforts

This is a summer full of weddings. From high school and college friends of your daughters to nieces and other distant relatives, within six months your family has been invited to five weddings. After each event, your daughters have been comparing notes. Talking about what kind of dance floor they like the most, discussing the large tents that were used for the receptions, and evaluating the kind of food and cake that was served. Not surprising given all of the idea boards that are posted on social media, there were many unique things about each of the five wedding services that you attended. It appears that your girls, at the young ages of 17 and 20 are not starting to make their own kinds of plans.
For his part, your husband keeps telling the girls that he will pay for an expensive honeymoon if the simply decide to elope. Not fooled by their father’s offer, both of the girls know that there is no way their dad would ever miss walking them down the aisle and joining them on the dance floor.

Wedding Details Are Often Planned Months in Advance

From the wedding rentals that include tent structures and accessories to details about the bridesmaid’s dresses, there are plenty of details that go into the planning of any wedding. One fact that might be frightening to the parents of any bride is that the number of couples with wedding budgets of $1 million or more doubled between the years 2011 and 2012. And while not all weddings are that expensive, the fact of the matter is that most brides go into the event hoping that they have planned enough that every detail will work out perfectly.

Whether you are looking at outdoor party tent rentals for the reception or you are planning a very formal sit down dinner inside, there are a number of ways that brides, grooms, and their parents can take care of some of the details ahead of time.

For instance, in many cases tents, table, chairs, and linens can all be reserved and paid for ahead of time helping families work on their budgets early in the planning process. Even though more and more people are planning to have their weddings outside, many of these couples also have to have a backup plan for an indoor setting in case the wedding does not cooperate.

How many weddings are you attending this summer? Do you have daughters who are taking notes and planning for their big days years in advance? If so, the best thing that you can do is to start saving, and get ready to walk down that aisle and get out on that dance floor.

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