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The fastest rate that the human brain develops after birth is up to the age of three. The brain’s development during this time depends on the quality of stimulation a baby gets in his or her environment. Taking your child to day care Austin is a good way to make sure your child’s brain is making full use of the stimulation it needs during the early years of life. You see, the cerebral cortex in our brains add more than 2 million synapses every second during the first and second year of life. The synapses are brain cell connections. Babies up to the age of 6 months dream about 80 percent of the time they are asleep.

This dreaming is thought to help them process the new things they are experiencing every day. Not only that, but babies have more bones when they are born than adults do. They have 300 bones. Adults only have 206. Over time, the extra bones fuse together as they grow. Taking your child to day care Austin is a great way to help as they their bodies and brains develop and grow. Young children learn to socialize and share with others at day care Austin. There are various kinds of centers for day care Austin.

Child care austin is also available at day care centers for working parents. Some of the child care centers are for corporate day care Austin. Child care san antonio is also available. Working parents can find the provisions they need for day care san antonio by considering their options online. It is important to investigate your options in order to find the best day care Austin. Not all day care centers are the same and one size does not fit all. The main focus should be on finding quality day care Austin. Most parents agree that quality day care centers allow and even encourage parent involvement.

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