Downtown Townhouses Are a Convenience for Many People

The initial decision to look for a luxury townhouse for rent first occurred when you where getting ready for the area’s biggest sporting event. Living in the suburbs has always been fun, but you also know that it would be great to live downtown and closer to all of the action. With an apartment downtown and a home in the suburbs you are able to enjoy the best of both worlds. The quiet of the suburbs and the action of the city. Fortunately, there are actually a number of luxury apartments for rent closed to all of the places that are the most fun. Luxury apartments by the downtown baseball stadium. A high end townhome for rent near the theater. Pet friendly apartments next to the riverfront shopping area.

A Luxury Townhouse for Rent Provides a Great Housing Opportunity for Many Kinds of Tenants

It simply does not always make sense to buy a house. If, for instance, you have taken a job that you know will only meet your needs for the next three to five years, it does not make sense to buy a home that you might find difficult to sell when you move on to the next step in your career. Likewise, if you have to travel a lot for your job, you probably do not want the responsibility of having a house and a lawn to take care of and driveways to scoop. And while a house may not be the right living solution, many people want more than a cheap apartment. In fact, a number of people who work in a city center area want to look for a luxury townhouse for rent because they want the convenience of living near the office and the comfort of living in a place with all of the newest amenities.

From gourmet kitchens and spacious balconies to work out spaces with the latest exercise equipment and rooftop swimming pools, a luxury townhouse for rent can be the perfect solution for a busy professional. Some of the best luxury spaces also come with onsite laundry and dry cleaning services, as well as grocery spaces on site and even late night coffee shops. If you are someone who can afford the very best and who does not want to travel the long commute to and from work every day, renting a luxury townhouse or apartment near the office can be the ideal solution.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the rental industry in America and how if affects not only the lucky ones who rent these spaces, but also the economy of the entire nation:

  • 33% of renters move each year, and renting allows you to be more flexible than home ownership.
  • 42.58 million housing units in American are occupied by renters.
  • When you are setting a budget and getting ready to look for an apartment, it is important to consider how much you can afford to pay and follow the rule not to exceed 30% of your monthly income.
  • 70% of apartment renters reported owning pets, with dogs and cats as the most popular type of pet.
  • 66% of pet owners in the year 2014 reported that they had some difficulty finding an apartment that allows pets. Even though it can be a challenge, for many people this having a pet is a priority that they cannot live without so they are willing to keep looking.
  • Research indicates that most pet-friendly housing charge a separate pet deposit. The average pet deposit is pretty substantial, in fact it is typically somewhere between 40% and 85% of the rent deposit.
  • According to U.S. News, the median monthly cost of renters insurance is $15.
  • The average American moves 12 times in a lifetime.

Whether you want to live downtown so that you can be close to the biggest sporting events or the hottest concert venues, or you simply want to be close to the office, there are plenty of reasons that people want to rent a luxury townhouse. Knowing someone else is going to take care of the upkeep of the building and do all the snow shoveling in the winter are reasons enough to skip over buying a house and instead rent the townhouse that is perfect for you.

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