Everything You Need to Know About Adoptions

Everything You Need to Know About Adoptions

If you’ve ever wondered about adoptions, this video will inspire you. In her video, “Ruthie and Anna’s Adoption Story,” Mountain Girl tells how these girls joined their family. The video has no dialogue, but songs of Christian faith accompany the story.

Video Source

These songs make it clear the parents are guided by their Christian faith.

The Parents Meet Their Daughters

The video depicts the adoption of two baby girls named Ruthie and Anna. In October 2022, the prospective parents flew from Nashville to Colorado. The video showed them entering the hospital where the sisters had just been born. Pictures of the babies in the nursery showed the two adorable girls.

The next group of pictures was headlined “Crazy Faith,” and showed the prospective parents returning home. We got glimpses of the rest of their children. One of their children is Josiah. The main page of “Mountain Girl’s” YouTube channel confirms the couple also adopted Josiah.

The Family Flies Home

The last part of the video showed the extended family flying to Colorado to pick up Ruthie and Anna. The babies are beautiful cherubs, and everyone – including big brother Josiah – got to cradle the girls. Finally, the two girls flew home to Nashville. This story is a testimony to these parents’ faith and their desire to love their two newest family members.

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