Hire the Right Company When You Move Out

Moving out of one home or apartment into a new one is something nearly every family or adult experiences, and relocating many personal items into a whole new building may sound daunting, but with professional movers helping out, these moving services can make the transition easier and smoother. They can be found nearly anywhere, such as movers near Oregon City, local movers in Portland, movers in Boston, San Francisco, or anywhere else. Professional movers come in different brand names and quality of service, so finding the right one can make a move easy instead of a hassle.

Business of Moving

Professional movers have plenty of work out there. It is estimated that about 35.1 million Americans move every single year, and the states of New Jersey, New York, and Illinois get the most people moving into them, representing 63% of all movers annually. The business itself is big; the moving industry directly created some 186,722 jobs, and the moving industry itself boasts a yearly payroll of $3.6 billion for 122,600 total employees. Every year, the industry rakes in about $12.6 billion per year, and even self storage is getting in on the moving game. Self storage makes $36 billion per year, and in some cities, high monthly fees may be charged for storage. San Francisco has the highest storage fee rates, at $160 per month, then Los Angeles in second at $153 per month. New York, San Jose, and San Diego are other high-cost cities for self storage.

Making the Move

When a family or individual is ready to move out to a new place, finding the right professional movers can be the difference between getting everything delivered safely and on time, or having possessions lost or damaged on the trip to the new residence. According to Moving, there are a number of safe, sensible tips to follow when hiring moving companies. For one thing, the professional movers should take full, detailed inventory of everything that is being moved, from volume to weight, and prices will be adjusted accordingly. The movers may also check all cupboards and closets and other storage areas to get a better picture. Also, the professional movers should do a thorough walk around of the current house and ask the client what items will be going in the move, and which will be sold off, given away, or left behind.

Moving companies may or may not be reputable, and may or may not be honest. A client can be sure that a company is trustworthy with a few strategies. Moving companies that demand a large payment or deposit before the move are suspect, and if that payment is made, if the company loses the items, the owner is in a bad position. Also, the moving company should not be operating under multiple names to avoid assessment by the Better Business Bureau. If the company has information about licensing and insurance, and has a local office, then it is very likely legitimate and safe. What is more, the client can get references on the professional movers from either friends and family, or by contacting previous clients and interviewing them over the phone. The movers should provide at least three previous clients when asked.

Money can be saved by keeping everything running smoothly. Clients should be aware of what can result in extra costs, such as narrow streets at the new property which mandate the use of smaller trucks to finish the delivery. The movers may also package and secure the items themselves for an extra fee, and a new property with flights of stairs or elevators means extra work for the movers, and thus an extra fee for the client. Finally, the client should get absolutely everything in writing before signing a contract. In case anything does go wrong, the client has a nine month time frame in which to file an insurance claim, and on moving day, a client is encouraged to open every box and check for damage right away.

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