Hiring a Maid Service Steps to Consider

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A clean home is for many a reflection on their personal state. As some would say, and especially women (87% to be exact), a clean home is a reflection on the self.

There is little wonder then that maids and cleaning services continue to be in popularity even into the 21st century. As life continues to speed up and demands grow, the time needed to clean often becomes expendable–which is hazardous in the long run.

For instance, a dirty office place or home can lead to:

  • Common cold and influenza. One study showed that a clean office can reduce the chance of catching a cold or influenza by up to 80%.
  • Regular cleaning can actually reduce absenteeism by 46%.
  • Dust exposure affects workers’ cognitive skills by 2% to 6%.

But with time constraints, many offices struggle with the general cleaning process. That’s where a cleaning service or maid service comes in. A family can gain back 730 hours or 30 days by hiring a cleaning service. Here are some ways a maid service can help.

Hitting Those Dirty Spots

The benefits of hiring a maid go beyond simple vacuuming and dusting. A custom cleaning service can hit all the spots that need cleaning more than others. For instance, 22% of Americans believe their carpets are dirtier than their toilet seats. A custom cleaning service or dependable housing cleaning service can deep clean those carpets, focusing on removing the build-up of residue.

Another spot a custom cleaning service can hit is the kitchen. While many Americans focus on the refrigerator as a key spot to hit in the kitchen, faucets, counters, and the kitchen table are also a needed treatment area. As with the custom cleaning service, the maids or cleaners can hit the spots the homeowner or office worker does not have time for, saving the individual hiring the service time and possibly better health.

Knowledge and Experience

While there are nearly 900,000 maids in the United States, many maid services offer a more complete and reliable service than others. Finding a dependable maid service is important for cleaning needs. An experienced maid service will also know which areas to hit, how to clean them effectively, and do it in less time than the others.

When finding a maid service or hiring a maid service, consider the reputation of the service and the reviews associated with them. The Internet is a wonderful tool and it can aid you in the selecting of a maid service. Consider a search, such as Maid Service St. Petersburg FL to get a good idea of different maid services that are in your area.

When selecting a maid service, remember to consider the amount of property you want serviced, whether it is a living room or recreation room or a home office. A maid service can save on time and money, provide better health, and give you a smooth sailing to better financial gain.

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