How To Choose A Storage Unit

When it comes time to finding a boat storage garage or other type of self storage unit, there are a few things you should consider before choosing one. Think about your self storage unit as somewhat of a landlord. In some ways, they are like a landlord since you are renting a self storage unit for your boat and other vehicles and maybe a few other items you have no room for any longer. Here are the best ways to choose a storage unit.

Decide On What Type Of Self Storage Unit You May Need

One thing is for sure, you first need to determine how many of your items you will be storing in the self storage. However, you will also need to make sure you have enough room for yourself and for you to go through your items when going through them. Also, think ahead of yourself and think about when the time comes to getting all of your items out. Because of this, you shouldn’t pack the storage unit wall-to-wall. If you do that, you will have a hard time getting things out when you need to. Also, if you are storing items that are sensitive to the temperature, you will need a climate controlled storage unit. You may also want security for your valuable items.

Do Your Research

You want to do your research and homework on self-storage units before paying any rent on one. First thing, don’t get stuck on location. Just because it is closest to your home, doesn’t mean it is a good facility. You want to look further than home for a storage unit before paying any rent on one. You would rather walk or drive an extra 10 minutes to have a nice storage unit storing your things you have no room for at the moment, especially if they are valuable, than to have something closer to home and it be a bad location where there is no security and it is dirty. Casting your net wide enough will get you a better location for those things you don’t have the room for right now.

Read The Reviews

Go online and read the reviews on the different self storage unit. You will be glad you did. You will want to make sure the storage units have good reviews before you choose one. You can read social media posts about them, and even post on social media asking for recommendations for a good boat storage garage. You can also look on different review websites and make sure the units you are looking at have great reviews on them before you hand any money over.

Compare The Office And Gate Hours

There is a difference between gate and office hours. Office hours are when someone is available to help you if you need it and gate hours are when you are able to access your unit. Make sure they are both open during the hours you might need to gain access to something in your unit because not only will you need to get in and get it, but what if you need help with something and the office is closed. Because most of the time, the office hours are shorter than the gate hours. So comparing them is a good idea before renting a unit.

Ask Lots Of Questions

Before you decide on storage solutions, whether you are renting a boat storage garage or any other type of storage, you will want to ask the office manage a lot of questions about the place. After all, this is where you are storing your precious valuables so you want the best one possible to fit your storage needs.

Most professional storage units should be clean, safe, and open seven days per week and with good customer service so you will have access to your items whenever possible. Also, if you are looking for a boat storage garage, most professional storage units offer the chance to store your boat or other vehicles to keep them out of the weather to keep them from being destroyed by the elements.

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