How to Create a To Do List for Planning Your Next Party

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Are you planning an upcoming party, celebration or event? If you haven?t planned a large event before, you may not be prepared for all the preparations it takes to successfully put together a party. You need to give yourself plenty of time before the event to guarantee that everything is completed by the deadline. If you don?t, you may run into some issues closer to the event which can lead to a stressful few days. One way to prevent last-minute problems before a fun party is creating a to do list to follow leading up to the event.

Interested in learning more about the different things to put on your to do list if you?re throwing a party? Keep reading for more information about what to include on your list from renting a party tent to sending out invitations.

To Do List Items for Planning a Party

Don?t try to starting planning a party without finalizing a to do list first. You need to chart out all the tasks you need to complete to make sure that party planning is fun and productive instead of chaotic and stressful. Follow this to do list to throw the perfect party.

1. Rent the space

Before you can move forward with any other party planning details, you have to decide where the event will be held. A lot of different things come into consideration with this decision. Do you want to have an indoor or outdoor event? How large should the space be? Do you want it to come with added benefits like catering and tables or for it to be an empty space?

If you decide to choose an outdoor venue, you should consider adding to the space with a party tent. You can rent a party tent to make the event a little more decorated. Inside the tent, people can eat, dance, or participate in whatever other activities you have planned for the party. When you rent a party tent, it?s also easy to return rather than buying one and having to keep it after. One great option is a sailcloth tent for a more elegant event.

2. Decide on the number of people and send invitations

Once you have a venue that fits the idea of how many people are coming, you can come up with a final guest list. The guest list is crucial because it determines other costs for the event. It will determine how much food to order and how many tables and chairs to rent and set up, for example.

Be sure to send the invitations early enough so that people can reserve the date on their calendars. This also allows time for people to RSVP for the celebration. You don?t want to make people feel like they have to rush their decision to get an answer to you in time.

3. Decide on seating and eating areas

If you are going to get a party tent, you likely need to rent tables, chairs, and linens. By renting all these items, you can save money in the long run. You don?t need to buy a bunch of items that you will have laying around in your house. Choose the best party equipment to make your event look professional. From your table rentals to your linen rentals, you want to make sure that your seating and eating areas look high quality.

4. Order your food

You will need to decide whether you are catering an entire meal, having appetizers, or having desserts. Depending on the feel you want for your event, you can decide what direction to go. With appetizers or desserts, you don?t need to rent as many tables because people can still stand up and move around while grazing on those food items. If you want a full catered meal or buffet, guests will probably want their own seat at a table for the duration of the event.

What else do you include on your to do list when you are planning a large event? Do you use to do lists in your everyday life? Let us know about your experience planning parties and events.

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