How to Plan a Family Reunion in DC This Summer

How to Plan a Family Reunion in DC This Summer

Have you been tasked with planning your family reunion event? It sounds exciting, and for the most part, it is until you realize how much planning goes into such an event. If it’s a small reunion, the planning should be relatively straightforward. However, when you’re planning a reunion for 25 or more family members, it can get a bit tricky. For example, how do you accommodate a larger crowd in your home with only one restroom? The YouTube video should offer a clue when you’re looking for a porta potty rental in Washington, DC.


Restroom Considerations


Hosting a large family reunion means you should take care of the smaller details,┬álike restroom facilities. You can cut costs by hosting the event in your home if it’s spacious enough for the headcount.

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Then, rent portable toilets. It’s less expensive to organize a party by cutting down, or eliminating, the cost of the venue. Restroom facilities can be arranged by adding luxury units outdoors where guests can easily access them. Facilities also offer luxury features such as air-conditioned units, heaters, stainless steel sinks, soap, and paper towels. These facilities come in single, double, or multiple units. The right rental company will set up your unit and remove it at the end of the event. You won’t have to worry about it at all.


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