Independent Living Options, Which One is Best For You?

Independent Living Options, Which One is Best For You?

Every day of the year about 10,000 people turn 65. Most of those seniors are planning to age at home. The right independent living options can help seniors age in place. Independent living options vary.

The right independent living support ensures that as seniors age they get the care and attention that they need to thrive and enjoy a good quality of life. Choosing the right option for you or your loved one can ensure that you get the care that is best for your situation.

What Are Your Independent Living Options?

There are several options for independent living which include:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Home health aide
  • Hospice care

Whether you are struggling with a few minor health issues and just need help with small day to day tasks or you are battling severe health issues that require around the clock care, there is a solution that can help to keep you in your home.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a great option for anyone that has decided that their home is just more than they are willing to handle. Assisted living situations are living arrangements where a person can have their own living space and receive help when they need it. Each community is a bit different but typical assisted living services to include meal preparation, social events, health care support, transportation options, cleaning services and more.

While this arrangement will not keep you in your home, it will keep you living independently with help when you need it. As you age and require more help, those services will be there.

Home Health Aide

A home health aide can help you stay at home and get the care that you need for your medical condition. The home health aide comes to your home to help you with your personal hygiene needs, medication management, and much more.

For many seniors just having someone check in on them is enough. For other seniors, the care is required around the clock. A customized care plan can ensure that you or your loved one gets the level of care that is right for them.

Hospice Care

Hospice care, often called, end of life care, is there for terminal illnesses. Hospice care helps you and your loved one spend your final days in the home if you wish.

There are the perfect independent living options for every situation. Learn more from a trusted provider that can help you age where you choose.

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