Is Your Uncomfortable Bed Keeping You Up at Night?

Electric bed

Who knew that sleep could be such a trendy thing?
As everyone from actresses to athletes talk about their secrets and the benefits they get from a good night’s rest, however, sleep really is a topic that is trending on social media sites and online newspapers as well.
It may be Arianna Huffington’s The Sleep Revolution book she has been promoting in the Huffington Post that has really fueled the fire about the sleep conversation. Huffington has published conversations with professional athletes who acknowledge that a good night’s rest is what contributes to some of their best performances. Additionally, Huffington writes about conversations with actress Jennifer Aniston and how important sleep is. Aniston told Huffington that her brain is her “committee in her head” that keeps her awake for hours at night. Aniston goes on to offer the following tips about what she does to get a great night’s sleep:

  • Sleep with your cell phone at least five feet away from you. Better yet, leave it charging in another room.
  • Try a quick meditation before climbing into bed, even if it is only five minutes long.
  • Execute a few yoga poses, even a simple downward dog or other stretching techniques.
  • Taking a warm shower before bedtime.
  • Completely shut down all electronics an hour before bed.

The Real Secret to a Good Night’s Rest Is a Comfortable Bed
Waking up refreshed and rested in the morning relies on a person getting undisturbed sleep the night before. For many, what might be keeping them from getting the rest that they need and the rest that they deserve is the bed they are sleeping on. Many have found that an electric bed with an adjustable mattress solves many sleeping problems.
An electric bed is an adjustable bed that allows the user to easily and quietly move the bed into a comfortable position. Larger king size electric beds come with two separate mattresses and controls that allow users to adjust individually create a comfortable sleeping position.
Consider the following information provided from research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation:

  • Even the highest quality mattresses only have a life expectancy of nine to ten years.
  • On average, a person spends nearly 3,000 hours lying on his or her mattress in a year.
  • All ages and all genders share the common problem of snoring. Nearly 90 million Americans adults suffer from snoring, 37 million on a very regular basis.

Studies indicate that repositioning yourself can help alleviate some snoring. The tossing and turning that is required in the repositioning, however, can sometimes wake up the individual or the sleeping partner. An electric bed, on the other hand, allows quick, comfortable, and quiet repositioning. So quite, in fact, that neither the person trying to move the bed or the sleeping partner is completely disturbed.
What Keeps You Awake at Night?
Sometimes people who find themselves awake in the middle of the night are worrying about the next day’s events. Whether you keep yourself awake stressing about tomorrow morning’s meeting or next month’s business trip it is important to remember that worrying at night only makes the next day’s problems worse.
A recent podcast when On Being’s Lisa Tippett interviews Tiffany Shlain, the two discuss the importance of managing and scheduling your worrying. Shlain, the founder of the Webby Awards and the author of Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks, says that she has found a way to manage and control her worrying. Instead of worrying through the night, for example, both Shlain and Tippett speak of scheduling a specific time to worry, for example in the shower. Then, if you wake at night concerned about something, just remind yourself that you will worry about that tomorrow morning in the shower.
While turning off the worry that is keeping you awake at night may not be that simple for everyone, looking for physical ways to get a better night’s rest can be that simple for others. A night time yoga, stretching, and meditation session, for instance can provide the secret. For other’s having an adjustable bed that allows you to remotely find a better position can also be the answer.
Your rest is just as important as the sleep of professional athletes and actresses. Make sure you are getting enough.

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