Keep Your Cool With Party Tent Rentals

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If you’re throwing an outdoor party, looking up party tent rentals is a logical next step. Whether it’s for a wedding, graduation party, birthday, or other special event, it’s important that all the details are just right to celebrate the special day. Any party requires planning hundreds to thousands of details, which only grow with the size of the expected crowd. One way to make your life a little easier if you’re looking at party tent rentals is to also consider renting your tables, chairs, and linens from the tent rental company. Most rental companies will offer more than just tents and you may be able to score a bulk deal when you rent multiple items from them. Plus, the quality and uniformity of rental linens, tables, and chairs is guaranteed, and will be picked up and dropped off together, saving you the headache of all those moving pieces!

Why Use a Rental Company In the First Place?
A rental company will help save you a good deal of hassle. Instead of having to purchase — and then store — tables, chairs, and linens, which may all be very specific to the event you’re hosting, renting affords you an easy one stop shop. Furthermore, you’ll know that the items you’re renting are quality pieces. Rental linens, for example, are elegant and industry-standard, whether you need tablecloths, table runners, chair covers, napkins, swags, or sashes, and come in a variety of colors, lengths, and fabrics, so you can easily customize your event.

You also won’t need to worry about laundering linens afterwards — which can be quite expensive — and depending on the rental company, they may assist with setting up and breaking down. Most rental companies are equipped to handle everything from an intimate gathering to a large, corporate sized event with thousands of people, so no matter what your crowd size or occasion, they should be able to rise to the challenge without breaking a sweat.

What Should I Look For In a Quality Rental Company?
Ideally, the rental company you choose to do business with should have a good amount of experience in the business and an excellent reputation. Take a look through their inventory — are there a number of options for table rentals or linen rentals? Do they provide tent accessories? Depending on the size of your crowd, you may need a larger rental company.

Talk to their sales rep about the kinds of events they’ve provided for in the past. If the sales rep is knowledgeable about the kind of event you’re putting together and has immediate suggestions for what will work best with your event, that’s probably an excellent sign. They know their inventory, the type of atmosphere you’re going for, and what will be most practical for your event.

What Are My Options for Tent Rentals?
You have a few different options in terms of materials for party tent rentals. A popular tent rental option for weddings is a sailcloth tent, which provides an elegant and graceful atmosphere for any outdoor event. These are made of white, translucent sailcloth, which has the added benefits of being both durable and waterproof. The sailcloth is usually mounted between wooden poles and the rounded edges and peaks make it a sight to remember. Many event planners will tell you that the sailcloth tent gives the illusion of floating on air — it’s light, airy, and beautiful.

Aside from the material, you’ll have a choice between frame style tents and pole tents. Depending on where you’re erecting the tent and the look you’re going for, you’ll want to consider the different pros and cons for these types of tents.

Also consider looking into liners, flooring (especially a dance floor), what kind of lighting you’ll need, and a heating and cooling system for the tent, if necessary.

Minimize your stress by looking up party tent rentals
and seeing what else you can source from their company. Make sure you go over the invoice carefully a week before the event date to make sure that’s nothing been left off or accidentally added. Provide shelter and elegance with the right tent for your event today!

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