Let an Experienced Maid Cleaning Service Take Care of Your Home and Office

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Have you been searching for an experienced maid cleaning service? Whether you need same-day or regular maid service for your home or apartment, your home office or small business office, an experienced maid cleaning service can be available to assist you.

Home and Apartment Cleaning Services

Do you need spring cleaning services? Or perhaps you’re in the process of moving and need someone to provide a deep clean for both your former and new home. Just knowing that you have a dependable house cleaning service can reduce the stress commonly associated with spring cleaning and moving.

If you’re like most Americans, you believe clean carpets are essential. When your carpets are clean, it usually equates with your entire home’s overall cleanliness. Were you aware that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that your carpets should be deep cleaned every six months or even more often? The EPA, however, found that only 55% of homeowners actually follow this recommendation.

Home Office or Small Business Office Cleaning Services

Whether you work from home, have a small business office, or a combination of both, you’re probably aware that these spaces also benefit from regular cleaning. If you have employees or see clients at your office, were you aware that there is an 80% less chance that you or they can catch a cold or flu when your office is clean?

When you do have employees, regular cleaning has been shown to reduce their calling in sick by 46%. Since dust exposure has been proven to reduce cognitive skills by 2% to 6%, you and your employees will be able to think more clearly with a clean office.

Traditional Versus Green Cleaning Products

When it comes time to clean, many Americans are choosing green cleaning products rather than traditional chemical cleansers. In fact, green cleaning product sales have recently increased by 35%, which is a definite sign of their growing popularity.

Studies show that 1 out of every 3 chemical cleaning products contain toxic substances, which are known to adversely affect people’s health. Furthermore, they also have a negative impact on the environment.

Given that there are over 150 toxic, cancer-linked substances included in traditional cleansers, it’s important to hire a cleaning service that only uses green products. Since some products may be more green than others, you want to consider products labeled as 100% vegan. This label indicates that these cleaning products have not been tested on animals. In addition, they do not contain any animal by-products.

Since you want your home, apartment, and office space to be clean and healthy, hiring an experienced maid cleaning service can assist you with attaining and maintaining this goal.

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