List of Severe Health Problems Related To Stress and How To Fix Them

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It?s a proven fact that stress is the number killer in human beings to date. It doesn’t only make you sick physically but it also makes you sick mentally as well. Emergency care centers all over the world have are filled with patients who have severe health issues related to stress alone rather than the usual culprit of poor dieting. Studies have shown that stress seems to increase the risk of death for patients dealing with many of today’s most common severe health issues. Let’s take a look at some of the simple and effective ways that you can minimize your stress levels and avoid these severe health issues all together.

Obesity.While many of may think that just overeating and poor dieting are the main cause of today’s obesity problem, we?re missing the underlying issue. Trusted experts in emergency care professionals all over the world have concluded that stress may be the biggest cause of obesity problems due to the fact that it causes much higher levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that controls the amount of fat that is deposited in the abdominal area. Just taking some time off work for a little RandR to clear your mind and body of might be all you need to beat obesity.

Depression.Although it’s regarded as a severe mental issue rather than a severe health issue, depression along with anxiety is the number cause of suicide. It should be no surprise to anyone and chronic stress or constantly being in the middle of stressful situation may be the biggest cause of depression. Studies have shown that those who are in a stressful environment whether at home and at work are most likely to develop and bad case of depression. Because it’s so hard to detect whether someone is depressed or not, this is one of those severe health problems that is taken lightly by many. Anything as simple as just excusing yourself and getting rid of those stressful situation can help prevent this severe health issue.

Heart disease.This one might just be a n brainier. Severe health problems such as heart disease is so common that there?s not an emergency room in the country that doesn’t have a patient suffering from heart disease related illnesses. Stressful situations can increase your heart rate causing the body to release and unsafe level of cholesterol and triglycerides in you blood. It’s also been researched that a sudden spike in emotional stress can lead to cardiac arrest. Eating a healthier and cleaner diet while avoiding stressful situation may be the most effective treatment for this. When it comes to heart disease, avoid fatty foods and stress as much as possible to steer clear of the need for emergency services.

Accelerated aging.This also may not be considered a severe health issue but it is definitely a common if the not the most common result of a stressful life. It?s quite evident, both in social interactions as well as in family medicine, that stress cause the body to age much faster. During stressful times you may experience the appearance of more wrinkle line and in some case a grey hair here and there. Researcher claim that stress can speed up the aging process for as much as 9 to 17 years. Rather than seeking the help of chemical ointments that may or may not work, just steer clear of stressful situations in general. Exercise and do an activity that helps you forget about your troubles and in turn preventing you from dealing with severe health problems.

Diabetes.It’s been said that diabetes tends to get much worse for people in stressful situations. Stress can increase the likelihood of someone plunging deeper into bad eating habits and drinking. The increase levels in glucose doesn’t help much either. If you or someone you know is suffering from diabetes, minimizing their stress might just save their life.

Severe health problems of course take much more than just avoiding stress to beat. Always remember that a clean diet and frequent physical activities also play a major part.

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