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Private Versus Public Preschools, Which is Better?

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It’s never too soon for parents to begin thinking about their children’s education. Fortunately, there are plenty of early childhood education and preschool options available to families across the country, especially in and around the Coral Gables and Miami areas. But what are the benefits of preschool? What about parents who don’t know how to find a preschool? What are the pros and cons of public versus private preschool?

For starters, preschool programs are extremely popular in the United States because they not only help prepare youngsters for the rigors of kindergarten and beyond, but they help children develop social and critical thinking skills so that they’re able to grow into productive members of society. Because of all these benefits, an estimated five million children in the U.S. attend some sort of prekindergarten program. Additionally, nearly 30% of 3 and 4-year-olds are enrolled in either a private childcare center or preschool.

Why are so many parents choosing private schools for their children? Well, some parents like the smaller class sizes because it allows their child to get more one on one attention from their teacher. After all, according to statistics, the average student-teacher ratio in private schools is 10:1 or lower. Others might like the sports or academic opportunities available that aren’t otherwise available at their local public school. These are big reasons why there are currently an estimated 30,861 private schools throughout the country, with more than 5.3 million students enrolled in PK-12 grade. In fact, private schools now make up about 24% of PK-12 schools in the US.

Another reason why parents might choose private education over public education is due to religion. There are many private religious schools, like Catholic schools, that weave church teachings into lesson plans and such, and also strive to expose children to the religious customs and traditions of the faith.

No matter what type of school a family chooses to send their children to, it’s nice to know that there are so many options available. Every parent just wants what is best for their child, and ultimately end up choosing a school based on what they think is best for their child. There’s no right or wrong. Wondering how to find a preschool that will work for your family, you likely won’t have to look far. They’re everywhere.

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