Questions to Ask For Premarital Counseling

Questions to Ask For Premarital Counseling

Undergoing premarital counseling may seem a bit overwhelming to start with. Because some of those who attend these sessions haven’t been married, there may be concerns about what questions to ask. Below are the most important questions to ask according to the video.

1. How do you plan to share the roles and responsibilities?

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What does marriage mean to you?
3. Would you like to have children?
4. What are your parenting goals for children?
5. What are your sex goals in marriage?
6. How do you feel about religion and spirituality?
7. Where do you want to live?
8. Who is responsible for finances, and how do you organize a budget?
9. What are your career goals and future educational dreams?
10. Do you like to travel, and is that important to your lifestyle?
11. What type of activities do you enjoy outside of work?
12. How much time do you plan to commit to the family?

These questions all open up great conversations that need to be had before a couple is married and starts their life together. Many of these questions can be meant for one session and can open up lots of additional questions surrounding the opening question so that each couple is on the same page regarding these areas of marriage. These issues could be catastrophic for marriage later on if they are not discussed up front in premarital counseling.

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