Rain On Your Showing Day? How To Sell Your House Anyway

real estate companyWhen you imagine your home’s open house, you likely picture blue skies and a crowd of interested buyers. But when the skies open up on your showing day, your ideal image may fall to pieces. While it may feel like all hope is lost, the opposite is actually true. You can turn a rainy day around and revitalize your showing, making your home for sale seem like an inviting option for all buyers.

The Benefits Of A Rainy Day
While the poster image of home buying involves happy couples strolling in the sunshine, these conditions are not the only way to have a positive real estate experience. You and your real estate company can switch your perspective and realize the benefits of rain for home selling. And your buyers might just do the same.

  • Your home will be a dry haven
    When the outdoors is cool and wet, the inside of your home will feel extra cozy. This might encourage potential buyers to stick around longer.
  • You are more likely to attract serious buyers
    On sunny days, some people will wander into open houses out of curiosity. During a rainy day, only those truly interested will come visit the home.
  • The weather may not be the issue
     If you get a small crowd or no interest at all, it will present an opportunity to be critical of your selling strategy. You may only be able to blame the weather so much.

How To Take Advantage Of The Rain
Once you embrace the rain and the benefits it may offer, it’s important to give your showing an extra boost. Since you won’t be able to rely on natural light and window breezes, you and your real estate company will need to improve your home’s environment in other ways.

  • Create a warm environment
    Configure your lighting so it creates a soft and warm interior. Light candles and place flowers around the home to make it an inviting space. Cookies in the oven never hurt either.
  • Make the house smell good
    Unpleasant odors are generally enhanced when it rains, so fill your home with nice smells. Air fresheners and candles generally do the trick.
  • Clean up your exterior
    Clogged gutters and a dirty porch will be more obvious while it is raining, so make sure everything is clean. An exterior free of debris will encourage water drainage as well.

Helping your house stand out among other homes for sale does not have to be a mystery, even during unfavorable weather. Work closely with your real estate company and agent to curate your showing accordingly, no matter what the skies decide to do. A recent survey found that 78% of buyers found their agent to be a useful information source. And the same can go for home sellers. With this effort and some patience, you will increase your chances of finding the perfect buyer.

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