Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs

Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs

We use our garage doors every day, but often don’t take the time to check if everything is working properly. There are a few things that could go wrong with your garage doors, warranting garage door repairs, so it is important to inspect your garage door system regularly. keep reading for the most common signs that you need garage door repairs.

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The first sign you need garage door repairs is if the remote control isn’t working. If you have an automated garage door and it won’t open or close with the remote control, you need garage door repairs.

The second sign is if your garage door squeaks. Squeaking doors are caused by poor lubrication of your garage door. This problem has an easy fix, a garage door repair service will add lubricating fluid to your dry rollers and bearings to get your door operating properly again.

Another sign you need garage door repair is if the door opens or closes on a delay. The garage should open or close within two seconds of your pressing the opener, so it doesn’t, you’ll need to hire a garage door repair service.

For more signs you need garage door repairs, watch the video above!


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