Specialty Floral Arrangements as Amazing Gifts and Other Valuable Messages

Flowers are a great gift available to different loved ones on many different holidays. Specialty floral arrangements are able to offer a quality message for almost any event or occasion. These include funerals, holidays, weddings, and more. The purchase of these arrangements made from florists, supermarkets, retail locations, and online. Therefore, it is easy to find this wonderful gift for your family and friends at almost any time from anywhere.

Specialty Floral Arrangements

Luckily, a gift of flowers does not have to be expensive, no matter the occasion. From birthdays to Valentine’s Day, flowers are a gift that provides a quality message every day of the year. They can be a generous and emotional gift bouquet of sympathy flowers for a funeral, providing comfort to those who have lost a loved one. Another one of the most common specialty flowers for weddings, from bouquets and table arrangements, combined.

The United Stated Floral Industry Beyond the Wedding

Considering the number of floral bouquets that are needed for weddings every year, it is also valuable to know that flowers make up as much as 8% of the total wedding budget, with many different flowers included. In addition, there are many other events that make up about a $26.6 billion annual floral market throughout the United States.

In addition, there are many holidays that include the value of the floral arrangement or the floral bouquet, with the expression of love and appreciation. Some of those days include the following:

  • The top holiday for floral purchases is Christmas/Hannukah
  • Mother’s Day makes up about a quarter of all holiday floral purchases, about $2.4 billion
  • Valentine’s Day flowers are appreciated by both women and men
  • Birthdays and birthday party decorations
  • Anniversary flowers as gifts

These are not the only gift options for specialty floral arrangements and others, where flowers may provide quality expressions, there are many people who would appreciate this warm and loving gift at any time.

Common Floral Purchases Throughout the Year

One of the most common family holidays for floral purchases is Mother’s Day. While the purchase of specialty floral arrangements make up about 35% of gifts given for this holiday, other holidays have a high density of floral gifts as well. With at least a quarter of all Valentine’s gifts being flowers, it is helpful to know that many men like to receive flowers for this holiday as well.

Other valuable floral orders occur when there is a need to repair an argument in a relationship or other trouble. Sometimes these specialty floral arrangements are much more than gifts but also a compassionate message to those who have faced some sort of loss or other trouble. When needing to send a gift, flower delivery is an easy way to make that step, sending a beautiful message to someone in need. In this age of technology, there is the comfortable ability to order flowers online and have them delivered almost immediately, providing much faster resolution.

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