The Benefits Of Renting Equipment When Throwing A Party, Sweet Sixteen Or Wedding

Party supply rental

Thinking of throwing an outdoor party? How about a baby shower for a friend? Whatever the next event on your list is, the aspect that’s probably making you sweat under the collar is that of budgeting. How do you even start organizing all the food, decorations, furniture, drinks and presents you’ll be doling out? With tent accessories and chair rentals you can, at least, put some of these fears to rest. Renting equipment is becoming more and more of a popular option in an increasingly savvy America, allowing people the flexibility of creating memorable events without the aftermath of financial stress.

Weddings And Rentals

So you’re throwing a wedding. Where do you start looking for equipment? Wedding rentals have been found to be an invaluable part of the organizing process, allowing couples to hold backyard events and receptions with ease. The average cost of a reception back in 2012 was nearly $13,000, an impressive sum for just about anybody! Over 90% of brides use the Internet to plan their wedding and tent accessories are a must for those being held outside where weather, wind and insects threaten to put a damper on a nice day.

Parties And Set-Up

Not everyone has a lavish wedding or baby shower to look forward to, though. What about the smaller get-togethers with friends and co-workers? To rent linens is to put your budget in a smart place — planning a party involves the scheduling and organizing of hundreds of little details, from invitations to decorations, and there’s no reason to be financially stumped on the way to your lively evening. Graduation parties are frequently thrown in either homes or yards, making tables, chairs and linens some of the most popular additions.

Birthdays And Decorations

One of the most popular celebrations, even now, are birthdays. They crop up every year and are one of the nearest and dearest ways of showing someone you care about them. A sweet sixteen, in particular, is a coming-of-age tradition in the West that sees elaborate set-ups and impressive spreads. These can be formal, casual or semi-formal — a modest party may see just a dozen people enjoying their afternoon together, while more elaborate occasions can bare witness to hundreds of individuals dancing and eating the night away. A sweet sixteen can cost anywhere from a minor $300 to a whopping $25,000, which renting equipment can help manage in the long run.

Tips And Tricks

Keep these little tips and tricks in mind and you won’t have a care in the world once the big day rolls around. Studies have shown coffee and tea to be popular drinks, while two to three glasses per person is a good estimate for a cocktail party. Remember to keep plenty of napkins, plates and cups to stave off spills and disorder — if you’re worried about allergies or alternative diets, making a shortlist beforehand will go a long way in creating a better catering experience.

Throwing A Fantastic Party

When it comes down to it, the best party in the world will still struggle if you don’t have everything in financial order. Tent accessories, table linens and rental chairs will help immensely in laying a strong foundation for everyone to enjoy. When designing your party remember that three main colors will create an appealing theme without going overboard — you can carry this over to pom-poms, balloons and napkins, as well. Last, but not least, a quality rental department should have years of experience in the business to ensure you’re not wasting your time or money. Ready to have a good time? Rent those chairs and get out there!

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