The Development of Church Pews

Pulpit furniture

Church pews are considered a mainstay in churches and religious establishments all over the world. Walk into any church and you will automatically notice the abundance of pews lining the floor, but it wasn’t always like that.

In the 1840s and 1850s, some churches were unable to afford the cost associated with pew rental. Almost all churches were spending a considerable amount of money on the rental of church pews. In an effort to save money many churches, especially those associated with the Church of England, made a commitment to pass on the rental of church pews. These churches quickly became known as ‘Free Churches’ as they did not have the rows and rows of pews people associated with churches.

Today, church pews are still considered a mainstay in religious establishments and churches all across the world, but are not required. In fact, many Orthodox religions do not use church pews in their buildings.

The popularity of church pews in many religious establishments makes it a booming industry, especially in the South where eight of the ten most religious states are located, including Mississippi which is the most religious. There are numerous stores and rental facilities that offer church pews for sale. Churches and religious establishments can come, browse the available selection, and purchase church pews for their church or religious organization.

Church pews aren’t the only items available for resale at these church furniture stores. Church steeples can also be purchased. Church steeples are placed on the outside of buildings and used as decorative elements. These steeples are often used to signify if a building is used for religious purposes.

These church furniture rental facilities are not only for churches and religious organizations. Occasionally, private homeowners will come and browse the available church pews. Many private homeowners use church pews and church steeples to decorate their home. These items are considered a great way to add a decorative, antique touch to the surrounding decor.

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