Three Alternative Wedding Reception Locations!

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Weddings can get pretty pricy, but that doesn’t stop folks from tying the knot. In fact, the number of couples with wedding budgets of $1 million or more actually doubled from 2011 to 2012. Because people are willing to spend however much is necessary on their wedding budgets, extravagant places for both the ceremony and wedding reception locations become available to them, such as NYC, where the average wedding costs $70,030.

Although many people have larger-than-life budgets, when you’re planning a reception you should take into account the cost of wedding reception locations. There are a number of places for wedding receptions that aren’t only beautiful, but also less expensive and extravagant. If you’re in the process of planning a reception, here’s a short list of some neat, alternative wedding reception ideas that will cost less, but provide a high quality ambience!

A Barn.

For one of the most rustic, down-to-earth wedding reception locations, choose a barn. Many small farmers are struggling to make ends meet, and would be willing to rent out their barns for wedding receptions at a fraction of the price of extravagant reception halls. These wedding reception locations provide a perfect setting to have a hog roast, barbecue, or down-home comfort foods catered.

A Winery.

Wineries are quickly becoming popular wedding reception locations
because the vista are not only picturesque and breath-taking, but the winery’s history and lore make for lively post wedding conversation. You don’t have to live in Napa valley to have a wedding in a winery either. There are tons of great places popping up all over, especially around the Finger Lakes. Plus, you can get a pretty good discount on a nice vintage by choosing these wedding reception locations.

A Museum.

Though unconventional, museums’ high ceiling, marble floors, ionic columns, and other majestic architectural features make for perfect wedding reception locations. Their quaint, impressive features, like stained glass windows or elaborate entryways, offer dynamic photo opportunities. Many of these venues offer rental discounts.

If you have any other ideas for wedding reception venues, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments! Read more.

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  1. Wow! I never thought to have a wedding at a museum. That’s an awesome idea if they’ll allow it. That’s so cool I am definitely going to have to check that out

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