Three Furniture Trends to Look for in 2013

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For shoppers like you, knowing where to buy cheap furniture may not be enough. Maybe you’d like a little bit of style and class with those cheap furniture packages, but think that you can’t get the beauty you want unless you spend a lot of money. While the average price to completely furnish a living room ($15,630) may seem a bit steep in this economy, it is in fact entirely possible to find trendy furniture items for an affordable price.

Heading into 2014, there are three new furniture trends that are poised to be hitting furniture stores across the country.

  • Brighter Colors – In 2014, it’s expected that furniture stores will start carrying a number of brighter options. Teal and violet will be replaced by brilliant yellows and other warm colors that will invoke a greater sense of energy. It shouldn’t be hard to find these warmer, happier colors throughout a number of cheap furniture packages.
  • More Patterns – While bird and floral prints reigned supreme in 2013, 2014 will see the return of patterns. The more vintage something looks, the more likely it’ll be in vogue. Purchasing a few chairs, couches and curtains with these bright and vibrant patterns could be a great way to breathe life into your living or family room.
  • An Ethnic Feel – Looking ahead, many quality affordable furniture pieces will no doubt have an ethnic feel to them. Rather than a dozen shades of white and off-white, shoppers can look forward to bright, alluring colors that will invoke various nations in Africa or Latin America.

Just because you’re gravitating towards cheap furniture packages doesn’t mean that you’ll be forced to adorn your home with items that remind you of a senior center. Even those furniture outlets that specialize in providing affordable items will have options for those that want to stay trendy. No matter what your budget may be, you’ll never have to settle for a look that is dull, drab and out of date.

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