Tip Top Dental Advice For The Whole Family

Tip Top Dental Advice For The Whole Family

Oral health is very important in one’s health. However, most people overlook their oral health, viewing it as a minor thing. Unhealthy teeth can cause diseases, discomfort, pain, decay, and loss of confidence. Therefore, it’s recommendable that you prioritize the good health of your teeth. Below are tip top dental Advice for the whole family.

Don’t Let Braces Hold you Back

Orthodontists recommend that a person brushes twice per day, in the morning and at night before going to bed. When doing this, use brushes with soft bristles, and toothpaste with fluoride in its content. This will help in ensuring food particles are removed.

Some people use dental braces to align and straighten their teeth, helping to position them well. These can act as hiding places for food particles and plaque, making it hard to remove them when brushing.

The use of invisible braces for teeth should not worry or deter you from brushing your teeth. There is tip top dental advice on how to brush your teeth in such cases.

Some of the advice includes;


  • Brushing your teeth and braces after every meal.


  • Rinse your mouth with clean water. This helps in softening food particles and plaques, making it easier to remove them when brushing.


  • Use a brush with soft bristles. Don’t use the brush you use when brushing your teeth.


  • Brush gently, on top of the braces and position your brush at an angle of 45 degrees to make it more convenient in reaching the food particles

Schedule a Check-up for the Whole Family

A family needs to do regular check-ups with their family orthodontist, at least twice per year. They focus on the entire family, providing tip top dental advice and treatment.

Introduce children, even as early as before their first birthday, to the family dentist so that they get used to meeting him/her. With that, they won’t be afraid of visiting the facility for check-ups or treatment. They become familiar with the doctor and get used to each other. Most children tend to pull back when attended to by different doctors or doctors that are strange to them.

Regular check-ups help in the prevention of any teeth diseases which would otherwise be complex and expensive to treat. And in case of teeth problems, they are detected early and treatment is initiated. This would prevent any further damage to your teeth. When searching for orthodontists, you should seek qualified and certified ones.


Search Providers Near You

In the day-to-day running of life, it is important to know a primary care provider near you. Some sites can help you in identifying one. Ordinarily, these primary care providers recognize and manage various health problems. They also know the patients well and have or keep a good record of their health. In case of minor teeth problems that they can handle, they’ll proceed with the treatment or dental procedures. Should the case need tip top dental care beyond their capacity, they should refer to a specialist.


Book Surgeries if Needed

One of the major causes of tooth problems and diseases is poor diet. One of the tip top dental advice on healthy teeth is to limit the intake of sugary foods. This is because the intake of a lot of sugar will provide food to the bacteria found in the mouth – bacteria feed on sugar. This may end up causing problems to teeth, like decay.

Also, avoid acidic drinks like fruit juice, soft drinks, wine, etc. These may damage your enamel, causing cavities, and dissolving teeth. After taking such drinks, wash your mouth with fresh water to neutralize the acid.

But even with all these precautions, sometimes things may get out of hand, and your teeth get damaged due to a poor diet. This may call for the services of an oral surgeon to rectify the mess. Some of the problems that may call for oral surgery include;


  • Serious tooth decay


  • Teeth that are badly broken


  • Missing teeth


  • Jaws losing bones


  • Gum diseases


Therefore, in case of serious oral problems, don’t hesitate to book surgery.

Search Providers Near You pt2

It is important to get insurance for the health services of your family. And in line with that, get to search for a health facility near you, and make it a family health facility where you get treated.

Some of them are well structured enough to have a department of dental health, with tip top dental health providers. With that, identify and link with one, making him/her a family dentistry. S/he would help journey with your family on matters of dental health, and this will guarantee your family secured, healthy, and well-checked teeth, jaws, gums, and other oral-related parts.


Stay on Track With Routine Check-ups

Sometimes, it can seem hectic to keep visiting the dentist for check-ups. Or your busy work schedule may make it a challenge to keep your check-ups up to date. But skipping the routine check-ups or waiting until you experience pain in your mouth to go, can be detrimental to your overall oral health.

Tip top dental advice by most orthodontists includes recommendations that you don’t stop going for check-ups. Some of the dental services you will get during those routine check-ups include;


  • Answering any questions on oral health


  • Teeth cleaning


  • Teeth exam


  • Early detection of teeth problems


All these help in prevention, and give you a happy smile. Routine check-ups are good for your oral health. Some of the severe cases that may push someone for routine check-ups include;


  • Swelling of the gum, or its discoloration


  • Both bad breath and taste in the mouth


  • Lump or numbness in the checks, jaws


  • Unusual bleeding and pain


Get Your Teeth Whitened

One of the tip top dental steps to take is quitting smoking, and avoiding certain types of food. Smoking has a negative impact on the teeth, mostly decaying, bad breath, and staining the teeth. This leaves you with a not-so-good smile. Also, some types of food stain the enamel.

There are regular home-use treatments that can be used to clean and whiten the teeth. But most of them use chemicals, and this becomes a major concern for many. The discoloration of the teeth can also sometimes be due to erosion of the enamel. Enamel is the outer part of the teeth, and when eroded, it leaves the inner part, dentin, which is normally yellow, exposed.

You will therefore need to get dental treatments to curb that damage, and one such treatment is teeth whitening. This will be possible where there isn’t decay, but rather staining.

Teeth whitening simply entails bleaching of the teeth and should only be conducted by a qualified and certified or registered dentist. Your dentist will guide you on this, and will also advise on whether it’s proper for you or not, depending on other underlying oral conditions.

To whiten the teeth, there are mostly two procedures. One, the dentist will provide you with a mouthguard, of your size, and a bleaching gel. Then, while at home, you will use the mouthguard in applying the gel, as directed by the dentist. You will do this for a few weeks.

Alternatively, the second option is called laser or power whitening. The bleaching product is applied to the teeth. The laser is then shone on it to activate the whitening.

When you have whitened your teeth, they could last for a few months to 3 years, depending on how you maintain them. Avoid smoking, red wine, and coffee as these tend to stain the teeth.

Take Proper Care of Teeth After Braces

Braces give one a lot of hope that, after a long struggle with them, they’ll have better teeth. This gives one the will to patiently fight on. On the other hand, aligners for teenagers would be the best choice for them. This is because teens are conscious of how they look and most of them don’t like conventional braces because of the metal on them.

With the new removal of the braces, you get;


  • Smooth and straight teeth


  • Perfectly aligned teeth


  • Boosted confidence


But this excitement comes with precautions. There are steps you need to take for proper care of the teeth after braces. The tip top dental care after braces includes;



  • Teeth cleaning by a professional: during the time you had the braces on, brushing is normally not easy. Some parts covered by the braces can be hard to clean, therefore storing up food particles and plaque. After removal of the braces, seek the services of a dentist, and have your teeth cleaned well, to remove all and any food particles and plaque.


  • Teeth whitening

you might have desired to make your teeth whiter by whitening them, but the braces could not allow you to do that. Now that they aren’t there, seek a professional and have him whiten your teeth


  • Putting on a retainer

; after braces are off, ordinarily, it’s after a few months that the teeth will be at risk of moving, especially the lower teeth. This may be bad, considering the long time you had braces on. Putting on a retainer helps in putting the teeth aligned well. You could start by putting them on, all of them, then later shift into using them only once, at night when going to sleep


While at home, observe the following for proper care of teeth after braces;


  • Brush twice daily. Use a brush with soft bristles, always changing the brush after two to three months


  • Floss every day, because this helps a lot in removing the plaque and food particles that the brush could not remove


  • Clean the retainer, as directed by the dentist. If you are using it full time, clean it twice, but where you are using it at night only, clean it once

Children Need Dental Care Too

Children, just like adults, need oral hygiene. Newborn babies normally have primary teeth fully developed in the jaws. Good oral hygiene prevents decay of the first teeth, which is vital for the adult teeth that will come later. Milk teeth that decay will greatly harm adult teeth.

When oral hygiene is not observed, cavities will cause pain to the child, and this affects their eating, playing, and reading.

Children should visit a dentist by the time they are celebrating their first birthday. This early visit to the dentist helps in noticing any dental problems early and therefore taking necessary steps. This early visit also helps in getting children used to the dentist, making them not fear visiting as they grow.

It is recommended that, when seeking dental care for your children, go for a pediatric dentist because they are best at handling and dealing with matters related to children’s dental care. Tip top dental care for children may include;


  • For a new-born baby with no teeth, use a smooth clean piece of cloth, to wipe the gums. Do this in the morning, and at night before sleeping.


  • When teeth are out, use an infant brush, clean water, and a small amount of toothpaste, normally one with fluoride


  • Floss when the teeth can touch


  • Supervise children when they are brushing, lest they swallow the paste.

Get the Smile You Have Always Wanted

A smile speaks a lot. It connects more with people. It gives the first good impression. Everyone values and appreciates a good smile. But when the oral structure is not in good condition, this may take away one’s confidence in smiling boldly. But with the coming up of a lot of cosmetic dentistry services, you are sure of getting the smile you have always wanted.

Dentists that conduct cosmetic oral surgery, provide tip top dental procedures. Some of these procedures include:


  • Whitening; removes the stain, and discoloration and whitens


  • Dental veneers; for fixing misaligned and irregularly shaped teeth


  • Dental bonding; repairs decayed or chipped teeth, closes gaps


  • Implants; replacing missing teeth


  • Braces; devices used in aligning and straightening teeth


Dental care is vital. It gives you a vast range of advantages for your oral health. Use the above advice, and you will have healthier, stronger, teeth.

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