Tips and Tricks to Maintaining Your Garage Door

Tips and Tricks to Maintaining Your Garage Door

The video starts with a female narrator saying the garage door and opener generally get used daily. For this reason, she recommends regular maintenance.

In the next part of the video, the narrator gives a few tips on garage door maintenance. The first step is testing the door balance by getting the garage door to open manually and seeing if it maintains its position when opened halfway.

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If it stays in place, then there is nothing to worry about. But if it moves, call in a service technician.

Next, perform a contact reverse test by placing a small 2 by 4 plank on the ground where the door touches the ground and closing the door. When the garage door comes into contact with the board, it should reverse. If not, you will need to adjust your downforce control limit. The narrator also says that you should ensure the sensors are aligned and clean. To test, wave an object through the beam between them as the door closes.

Next, the narrator says you should inspect the hinges to ensure they are lubricated and tight, but avoid the bolts on the torsion springs. You should also ensure the tracks are clean using a carburetor cleaner and remember to replace your battery remotes.

Occasionally, operate your garage door with the plug out to check if the backup battery works, and change the light bulbs as per the manufacturers’ recommendations. .

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